Laughing senior woman sitting on a wheelchair in a hospital

I am a patient of Dr. Needham. what can I say… He is Awesome!!!

He is a great Audiologist. His technique and experience with patients dealing with hearing issues are phenomenal. He is very caring and patient with his patients, always willing to listen and help whenever there is a need. I would definitely recommend Dr. Needham to any and everyone; he is an expert in his field. He has exceptional knowledge for hearing aid products and hearing loss issues which in my book makes him an excellent Audiologist.

Mrs. Ruth B.


I have been using hearing aids for 28 years and have been to many hearing aid centers. Most places go right for the most expensive, whether it is the right one for you or not. I met with Dr. Tim and had an evaluation done. He realized right from the beginning that  there was more to my hearing loss. He identified that my hearing loss it is not a common problem and that there was more to my situation than most. He showed me where my losses were and where a device would help and wouldn’t. He also asked a question that no others have. What is your lifestyle? Do you go out, to restaurants or concerts (places with a noisy background)? Work in an office? Do you stay home? He then showed me a selection of devices and made his recommendation which would best suit my lifestyle, and it wasn’t the most expensive! I am very happy with the quality and ease of use. Dr. Tim is genuinely concerned about getting you the proper hearing results not just pushing the top of the line device.


Jim H.